Teacher's Day (Guru Purnima) 2023

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The Name

JYOTI means light. ‘Nidhi’ is a treasure-house. ‘Nyasa’ means a pledge. 

The Trust is therefore a pledge to the treasure-house of light.

The Trust Deed

The trust deed begins with the statement of belief:

a. that, whilst this century has been witness to many scientific achievements, marvellous discoveries and inventions, it has also witnessed philosophic uncertainty and moral decline;

b. that the Vedic scriptures and philosophical teachings of ancient India and the Sanskrita language have offered and continue to offer answers to the spiritual and moral questions of our time;

c. that the centres of teaching and learning in these subjects in India today require support and maintenance if they are to continue to nourish the West.

The object of the Trust is expressed as being:

To advance education in Vedic philosophy and the Sanskrita language in India and elsewhere and for such other charitable purposes in connection with the Vedic philosophy and the Sanskrita language including the relief of poverty and sickness among the followers of the said philosophy and students of the said language as the Trustees may see fit. A Trust in similar terms was set up in India at the same time so that payments can be made to it from the UK. Shri Vasudevananda Saraswati is the Chairman of the Indian Trust.

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